First Taste

Went on a date with each of the girls I met downtown last week, J and E.


J is sexy, petite, and has the eyes/skin combination I really like. We met up for a beer and chatted then I moved her to a lookout spot probably too far away from my place. She seemed enamored with me for the beginning of the date, but the lull and boredom probably dragged on a bit.

I am damn good at cold reading, and I did a good job of push and pull verbally. Kino was strong, incidental knee touching, etc. This woman’s beauty being almost my exact type is a little unnerving at times, but I led the interaction and did not hesitate. She pushed back and tested me a bit logistically, why this why that, but it went alright. I bounced her to mine to grab the wine before heading to the lookout and she did not say a word, but wanted to leave my place asap. She mentioned how it was weird to be in a strangers home so soon after meeting. I wonder if this was a conscious test or if she felt my intentions. My goal was just to get her more comfortable seeing my place before heading out.

Once at the park she balked on drinking the wine, excuses about work tomorrow morning or not. Not quite sure if it was legitimate. Either my game isn’t quite tight yet, or me spending this amount of effort on a date (fairly low in my mind, paid for a pitcher of beer and picked her up). Either that or she is looking for a boyfriend type and may try to make me wait.

We bounced soon after the lookout, her pushing to go home and I got a lot of resistance for going for a makeout. We did make out and I tried to push things further but got a little too aggressive.

She’s a fun girl and has a bit of edge to her. She’s very girlish in appearance and makeup, but has some masculine qualities. It’s an interesting mix and it makes sense that she’s lived in Vancouver for 6 years but grew up in Korea.


I met with E the day after J. I met her in the early evening and we grabbed a coffee in a touristy area. It was raining and offered no chance to go outside. She is warm, and attentive and feminine. She did not test me nearly as much as J, so it felt like a breeze crushing her weak frame tests. I moved her to sushi later. Normally I never do dinner and such with dates, especially first dates, but I had not eaten yet at 6pm and I am a regular at ta very casual spot. I paid for our meal of which I ate 80% and the chefs and I were busting on her and each other. It was a ruckus and a good time. Going back for social proof may not be the worst idea.

I moved her back to mine for a drink and she complied easily but kept testing my intentions. She also used the word stranger often, maybe it’s an Asian thing trying to frame us as not close. I was making progress right as my younger brother came home and she retracted immediately. I imagine this is the ‘bubble bursting’ as it were. The story line is broken and real life challenges come swamping in. She never relaxes even when I move her into my room, she is pushing for an exit.

We bounce to my car and as we are outside her apartment on a major street around 10pm and we start making out hard in my car. It goes on for a couple of minutes and I start to rub her pussy through her jeans. I remember reading somewhere on Good Looking Loser recently that if you can get your hand down her pants, you are golden and the girl will be good to go. This advice did not disappoint. Once I got a finger inside her she let loose, there was no resistance and I unzipped my jeans and she went down on me.

I proceeded to drive while she was giving head to a nearby park. It was about 60 seconds away, my plan was to fuck in public cause I have a small car with a small backseat. Old school prelude for those wondering. I question now if this was a right choice, as she did a little mental gymnastics as we were driving.

In the end, she had no intention of getting out of the car, so we went at it like two high school teenagers at a drive in movie.


All in all, 2 out of 3 approaches end in dates, and 1 lay on first date. I am starting to see why daygame has such an appeal.

E is gone for 3 weeks travelling, and J is playing hard to get over text. I think I have poor text game, but not sure what the barriers are. J shot me an excited text in reply to my ping back today, as she did after our date last week. Who knows?