I’m going to list my daily preparations for poker in order to get a bankroll big enough for the higher limit games. I will decide if I can cut it as a full-time pro making 100k+ a year in live cash games through the next 6 months.

Daily (5x a week minimum)

Play online for 1 hour
Post twice on 2+2
Watch a video on RunitOnce
Do 20 minutes of drills (equity calculator,scenarios, etc)


140 hours on the table
3.5k a month

This works out to be $25/hour at the table, while maintaining a ‘full-time’ job status. These are minimum requirements, where as my goals are to complete the daily routine 5x a week, have 160 hours and a 5k month.

Based on these modest requirements I will be regularly shot-taking 2/5 by March.