Immediate goals ~3 months

  1. Gym 3x a week minimum
    • Endorphins lift my mood and keep me productive
    • Hypertrophy training, the classic bodybuilder ‘V’ Taper look
  2. Average 40 hours a week on  minimum on the tables
    • Process focused rather than results orientated
    • Focus on playing well, not making money
    • Financial goal is 5k a month
  3. Fuck 10 new girls through cold approach
    • From experience it takes about 6-8 girls for me to get over a long term relationship
    • By the time I get 10 I usually like 1 enough for a mini relationship at least
  4. Approach 200 girls in the day by end of January
    • Destroy Approach Anxiety
    • Doing just 10x/week will ensure a healthy sex life
  5. Get a Tattoo
    • Considering for last few months and really want one now
    • Phoenix theme looks like the first one
  6. Get on TRT
    • Done a lot of natural things to try and up my own T but to no great avail
    • I want to see what my body is capable of
  7. No porn/masturbation
    • I use it as an escape/when I’m bored
    • Not doing it increases my sex drive
    • Practice exercising discipline