My night out with an old shark

I met a man in a casino maybe 10 months ago. He was an odd man, smooth talking while also selling pendants and dressed extravagantly. Almost like a pickup artist who took ‘peacocking’ too far, but with a sense of style, albeit exaggerated style. A foil to his risk adverse, nit poker style.

HK style
Almost like a competent ‘PUA’
poker rock
His opening range

Over the last couple months we spoke more at the casino about life and girls. He was a friendly guy, a man of abundance, and gratitude. It’s a rare feeling when you meet a man who ‘gets it’. I felt from his presence and when we spoke about women he and I were on the same page, unplugged. I learned he is a DJ for private events and he invited me out to come party with him “VIP” style.

I am a chatty guy at the tables, it probably works to my disadvantage because many recognize me and it may make me a focal point. Often recreational players invite me to house games or to party but very rarely when numbers exchange does it lead anywhere. Men you meet at the casino are flakier than girls.

He mentions we should hang out first week of December, and I think nothing of it. I pick up a call from him on Friday saying we are going out tomorrow, and do I want candy (MDMA). Sure, let’s rock.

When he spoke of VIP style, I thought he had maybe a single club where he knew the bouncers and could get us in for free. Clubbing in Vancouver is an absolute shit show. It’s as bad as Vegas, if not worse. In Vegas at least money always gets you in, in Vancouver that’s not always true. You need to know somebody.

This man knew everybody.

We get to the first club and he knows all the bouncers, we skip the line and pay no cover and we don’t get frisked. We go to the bartender, and he talks to them all. We bounce around 3 different clubs the whole night and the script stays the exact same.

Pass through bouncers/security with not even an ID check. Greet coat girls and bartenders, get a free drink + tip bartender and head to DJ booth. Chill in DJ booth dancing. Girls either came up to us and said some inane shit ‘I had to meet you, you’re cute, etc etc” or I could motion I like a girl, we would point to her ‘come hither’ and the girl would light up and come grind on your dick.

Literally point at her and choose, like a child at a candy store.

I’ve had tables in Vegas and bottle service blah blah but this was another beast altogether. It was a cheat code. DJ/status game knows no bounds.

I now know what it means to be The Chosen.

I was exhausted from a broken sleep schedule (combination of being jumped a week before + ending up in hospital last weekend and stress) so I was running on 2 hours and not that interested in chasing girls. I could not find a girl I was really into.

I also felt gross.

These bitches just see me having access and would suck my dick. No game, no personality no nothing. It felt so hollow. Part of the high of the ‘chase’ and gaming a girl for me is the validation of my ego knowing I spit hot fire to get her. That girls want me because they see my strength, wit, personality/whatever. Daygame does that. You put it all out on the line, and she tests you and you’re off. But this status game? It’s not me.

It reminds me of this Bill Burr skit where he says ‘those women stand at the finish line and wait to suck your dick’

Maybe it was my fatigue, or being picky, or not having my type of girl in supply (not many asians, couple rare white girls I liked but couldn’t be bothered). But I didn’t feel good meeting these random hood rats.

Cyralea on The Red Pill subreddit explains it perfectly “The day fish jump into my boat is the day I quit fishing.”


Weekend Warrior

I have been not playing well at the casino lately, I believe this to be caused by a host of reasons. A lack of patience after a great October, envy towards a good friend of mine and his easy life (or merely my perception that his life is easy), and a feeling that I am ‘behind’ in my life (which is a ridiculous notion that implies I am letting society or other’s expectations influence my own happiness, not a good sign).

So I made an effort to go out Friday and Saturday night to make some friends and meet some girls, take a break from the casino.

Friday night I was stone cold sober, I met a friend of mine downtown T and was introduced to his good friend G. G and I chatted and got along well, and I hit on a couple cute blonde girls (I almost exclusively go for asians, but we were at a white bar).

I was good at introducing and my warm energy was on spot, but I never aggressively went after my target until much later in the night. I found out way too late she had a boyfriend and it’s my own fault for not being more aggressive and potentially finding another girl. Not that I was invested in getting laid that night, but I was certainly out of practice in night game.

Positives are I made a couple new friends, the girl and G, who I think I will see again. I also met a band member that plays at the bar every week.

Negatives are I was in my head a bit too much and wasn’t closing. I understand that night game is hard and fast screening, something I am not as comfortable with.

Saturday I took some phenibut and met up with some friends I met at a rave in Las Vegas. Couple of cool guys I get along with, one a selfish beta type who leeches state and I met a couple other guys who I am apathetic towards. It was a weird night.

My state was hugely elevated due to the phenibut and a couple beers. Phenibut in essence decreases your alcohol tolerance (it takes a lot for me to get drunk) and decreases social anxiety. It basically makes me more energetic and talkative with little to no social anxiety. It’s fun but I don’t do it often. We started drinking in a park and I saw a cute girl walking with her friend so I jumped in and started chatting them up. They were heading home so I brought them with my group and we all eventually headed to get food and then a pub.

My girl J was really cute, she has the big doe eyes I like in asian girls, and big lips. Her friend was chubby but not ugly, which caused a lot of attention from people downtown. If I was talking with friends, dudes would hit on either one of them. I left them a couple of times unguarded in the pub or outside and guys would swoop in a heartbeat. I was in social butterfly mood so I was looking to meet new people rather than get laid but it’s clear I can’t have multiple goals in a night.

After we left the pub I had to stop my friend from fighting a dude on the street. This guy John had sat at our table and ordered pitchers and tried to not pay for them. It was trivial like $20 but it’s amazing how much people wish to leech off of you in night game. In the 5 minutes I lost the two girls as two random dudes off the street invited them back to their apartment! I called them they came back but the 2 guys offered to bring me along to their apartment. I obliged as I couldn’t exactly leave my girl alone, but this was new territory.

At the apartment it certainly felt like the two of them had a game going on where one would distract me with conversation under the guise of making friends while the other tried to isolate my girl. I originally felt that maybe I was being paranoid but the house owner after an hour or so tried to start a fight with me. I was saying I was going to leave around 4 am to go meet my friends and head home, he said he didn’t want me to drive drunk so I had to stay or leave in that moment.

It was funny because his other friend attempted to be on my side but I am convinced now it was a silly act they had cooked up. I bounced as both girls were kinda passed out and I am not convinced anything happened, but wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Met up with friends and continued to drink until morning.

Girls have the attention span of children and I cannot be surprised that while helping my boys they were going to wander. I am glad I got a little bit out of my system, I need to make more time to be a social butterfly. It’s necessary for my health and happiness, just like proper sleep and exercise.