1st day out after bootcamp

I took a bootcamp with Yad learning the London Daygame Model a month ago, and it was a good success and I will write a post about it soon. I went out last week with a friend and it was an absolute disaster, I didn’t approach any girls and the vibe was all off. I think this was because I wanted to ‘show’ him the skills I learned on the bootcamp, but I won’t be gaming with this good friend for a while until I know it’s changed.

I met up with a guy who I met through mutual friends who has solid game. We get along quite well, he has a great mindset, masculine job, and followed the classic zero to hero when he found PUA and the London Daygame model. We had a great vibe and he pushed me to approach my first set which got me going. It’s great too because he loves feminine latina’s + eastern europeans (most do) but I’ve got the worst case of feels for asian girls, so we rarely see the same target.

Onto the approaches.

#1 – Miya – asian girl with fur coat, mid 20s professional. Very fashionable.

I had a strong stop and she hooked easily. She gave me space to spit my game and I teased her a little bit. My stacking and assumption game is weak, Yad mentioned I don’t get into ‘enticing’ (sexual/exciting) conversation enough. Got her # and this boosted my state. No reply yet since the next day

#2 Erika – asian girl in yoga pants, typical western girl early 20s

Strong stop again but didn’t get her to hook. Maybe energy was too high but I managed to get her to stay in set for maybe 2 minutes, but she clearly wasn’t interested. She was sick as a dog and looked like shit (still pretty) but maybe she felt it was disingenuous because she looked like hell. No number didn’t get there.

#3 Mika – Fob girl from Shanghai, studying english mid 20s

I went inside a mall to go to the washroom and after I came out this delicate little girl had a shopping bag and I opened her on the escalator. I assumed familiarity well and poked at her bag and said “ooo sexy lingerie for your boyfriend? show me!”. She was shy and delicate, said she was waiting for her friends and I teased her about them being imaginary. Bantered for a few minutes, moved her to the side away from foot traffic and lots of touching + teasing. Interaction was maybe 3-4 minutes and got a #. She replied within an hour.

#4 Chinese girl dressed from Paris

I yad stopped her on an open street, she was basically in a sprint. Thought I gave enough space but she couldn’t comprehend someone would stop her on the street. She looked behind her as if I couldn’t be talking to a stranger.

#5 Anny – early 20s born + raised here

This girl is my ideal type. She got the long wavy hair, big googly eyes as an asian, thin body. I call these girls bad ass bitches because they usually attached to some jacked gangster dude who is tatted up. Krauser calls this my DNA tug I think. I swooned hard and in my positive state I knew I had to go approach.

I tried to stop her at first, and she said hi and kept walking. This dude behind me looked at me and wasn’t what I was doing. With zero hesitation I went to stop her again. Hard yad stop and I said “I’m too stubborn for this, you’re gonna give me a shot” and she hooked. I had moments of hesitation where I couldn’t keep the banter up, as usual my stacking needs work. I am pretty good at natural touching + teasing, however I still need to amp it up more.

I put her on the spot a few times. “You’re just a local, that’s a bit boring” “Where have you traveled before?”

She was quick as a whip, I asked her where she traveled and she said “Oh, I’ve only been to Hawaii, haven’t traveled much”. Then she quickly reframed “Have YOU been to Hawaii?”

Haha, cute as fuck. Got a number but wish I pushed for an Idate. She is texting back often. My state skyrocketed after this.

#6 docile esl japanese girl

Approached her as she was leaning on a shopping window. She had zero skills and I couldn’t get her to stick, this was mostly hopeless.

#7 Jessica the model

This girl had the googly eyes and my wing pushed me to approach her. I wasn’t really that into her but upon approaching she was actually stunning.

This was a good example of a girl who looks really unhappy and having a resting bitch face. Upon opening her though she was absolutely sweet. She had nothing to do for the whole day. I bounced her to an idate for 20 minutes. She was very compliant and I flirted and teased her a little bit. Again, the same interview questions came up though and while it was fun I’m not sure I polarized myself enough.

She had good eye contact, confident girl It’s interesting that model girls I’ve met through day don’t seem to proud of the fact they are a model. It’s probably because they’d rather be known for their qualities other than their beauty.

Bounced her to instant date pretty quickly grabbed a coffee and chatted for 20 minutes. Worried I did interview game again but thought it went well she was asking questions and engaged. So far, no text back in 2 days, will ping her tomorrow.

# 8 Ayako – Japanese girl street intersection late 20s

This was on my walk back to meet my friend after the instant date. She was spacing out hard in a busy intersection. I asked her “omg are you alright? You look like your dog just died”. She wasn’t that cute but not bad. My state carried it the whole way, closed her # quickly and met my friend. I chose not to text her

#9 Jenn – Teenager/early 20s student in busy mall, chinese.

Approached her as she was looking at the map for directions. She was quite confident and articulate for a girl so small. Had the presence of a lion. We spoke about weird things, she was certainly quirky (and not in that obnoxious hipster trashy way). Had a run in with a white knight, still managed to # close. She texted back quickly.

9 Approaches, 6 numbers and an instant date. Anny and Jessica are true beauties and I really hope to see them again. Jenn + Mika are quite cute and I’d enjoy seeing them again.


When my state is on, I am unstoppable.
Bundle of energy, and I stay on course if I don’t get the initial hook.
Strong yad stops.
I do well with kino + natural touching.


Still let a few approaches get away, but less than the bootcamp.
Fall into interview mode too often, need to banter more.
Weak text game
Still very reliant on state/outcome dependent

Happy with the results so far. This will give about 50 approaches under the London Daygame Model. I’ve had good success with ‘basic’ guy game where I let my instincts take over, be vulnerable with my attraction + intention but I will give this model at least 2-300 approaches before I write it off. It’s gotten me dates and numbers of girls I’m really into it.

Viva Daygame!


Day 3 on the streets

Yesterday went quite well all things considered. I have been working lots trying to get my hours in at the casino, so I’ll catch you guys up.

First approach Korean 30 year old

This girl is 100% my type and she is a beauty, big eyes, soft features, tiny little body and pale skin. She looks 20 years old but playing with her hands I figured out her age (I’ll share this game with you guys another day). It was her and her friend and I approached them in the cafe. My coach came by and we pulled them for an instant date for 40 minutes before ditching them and moving on.


I busted on her and broke rapport several times. Teasing her and her friend for doing nothing but playing with make up all day waiting for a rich husband etc etc.

Things to work on

My verbal game was full of excuses in the beginning. Not owning my intentions with a playful vibe.
Did not move into her while walking and isolating my girl from her friend.
Deferential energy towards my coach, he was leading more as the interaction went on. This is a little inevitable because of our relationship but I could have been leading and taken charge. I noticed my girl shit testing me more and more as the date went on and this is because of my beta role compared to the coach.

I am seeing her tonight for a date but she pushed for a group date with her friend and my friend which I denied. I was decisive over text and she relented. I am sure I will be shit tested hard tonight, I look forward to the dance.

We then wandered round for 15 minutes trying to find a girl. We saw one across the street say goodbye to her friend and she was tall and cute. The shy, sexy feel I like. Then I had a breakthrough as I jogged across the street to open her. All the pressure dropped from my shoulders, I was entirely one with myself and my intuition. I hit flow before even approaching her.

My mind just said to myself.

This is crazy
This is silly
This is fun

It felt like I was on a playground as a child again. It reminded me of my first approach running after a girl from the bar to kiss her in front of her friends 5 years ago on my first bootcamp. I was so at ease. I felt this was just so unbelievably silly and fun.

22 year old Korean girl

So I chased after the girl, dropped my standard direct opener. I have not tried the Yadstop (any opinions on this?). I come up from the side walk slightly faster than her and turn and say “Hey, I saw you cross the street. I had to come say hi. You look really nice” And she lit up. Her eyes went wide and she blushed and said thank you. I was in. I commented on her friends silly backpack, made a couple assumptions shes from Korea. Once she asked me a question I knew I was in. So we walked for 5 mins and I got her number (she was on her way to work). I am 100% sure I am banging this girl.

I met up with my coach and we went over my verbal game mistakes from the first set and I know what I have to work on. Make assumptions and find out her values from how she responds. I am poor at this. I am also very poor at non direct openers, which I must work on. I simply cannot go up to every girl and say Hey I think ur cute lets go get coffee and fuck. I need to be leading at all times, and building compliance. There is some value in the theory that game is simply compliance test after compliance test.

I approached another gorgeous young girl with my same mindset and playfulness, totally direct but she did not hook. She had the same name as my last girlfriend ha.

State control is so important, no different from poker. The more I compare the two, the more similar they are.

I will continue to wonder how much Game I really possess. I am tall, lean and above average in looks. I had been recruited for small modeling gigs as a teenager. I had a youthful and playful energy and lots of charisma, but I question if I get away with mediocre game because of my passive value. As Krauser says often “Game is getting younger and hotter girls”, and I wonder if I am doing that.

Lots to improve on but I cannot complain with 2 dates out of 3 cute ass girls. I also know what I need to work on.

Keep grinding

Perfect is boring

I sit here seething with frustration at myself and my lack of action. I am an intermediate to Game and the Red Pill but I still have not killed the hesitation and doubt within myself when it comes to Daygame. After walking downtown for 2 hours on no sleep (bad idea) Sunday, I found myself with two beautiful opportunities offered to me today by the universe and I squandered them both.

Maybe the break up with my favorite girl did a number on me, as I have gone from having 4 girls a month ago to having 0 now. My ego is bruised and this may be impacting my self esteem and self worth. I won’t have a new girl soon if I allow opportunities like this to pass by.

It’s comical. Girls that I am not invested in or interested in, I do not bother to approach ‘for the sake of practice’. Then on the rare occasion I get a girl (or two!) that is really my type during the day, my approach anxiety and hesitation kicks in.

Reading and studying will do you no good without action. Ego is one hell of a drug.

As the Great Pook said ‘Perfect is boring. To be human is beautiful’.

I promise you all and myself I will capitalize on the next one.

Day 1

Signed up for a bootcamp and went out yesterday for my first taste of real ‘daygame’

We started with a short lecture, i did 2 approaches and we did some social warm up drills.

My coach kept it simple and it was not heavy like a lot of day game material out there.

approach 1

young (20~) freckled blonde welsh origin

My approach was not strong enough, my body did not square up to her, giving the impression that i am wasting her time and she is okay to leave

My mind went blank as I did not know what to say but there was little anxiety on my part. I was indifferent to her caring but she did not put any effort in

I broke eye contact about 100 times, she grabbed her phone and I did not move her.

No kino

I did close and get a # and I stayed in the interaction for 3 minutes. But I had no enthusiasm


early 30s Chinese foreigner married

I followed her around a bit and waited for the ‘right moment’, of which there is none

I had voice inflections up and down, no authority and I come off as indecisive.

a bit of enthusiasm but did not square up my body.

She did more work than the first girl, she filled in silences and was excited to talk to me

Married so she was happy to practice her english with me

More kino, and teased her a bit.

Lessons from day 1

I am unconsciously feeling that I am not worthy of these girls or that I am wasting their time. This explains my hesitant body language and voice inflections.

I am not aggressive enough in my approach, frame and approach is soft and not dominant.

Not very enthusiastic, this may have been caused by me being luke warm on each girl being pushed by my coach to approach

The reason I want to get into day game is so I can get hotter younger girls, so I need my approaches to reflect that and go in with an entitlement mentality. I am an extravert by nature so I expect these problems to be fixed quickly