Sept 2015

I am a 25 year old who quit his day job a year ago to play cards and find out if there is more to this life than a 9-5 and paying taxes to marry a chubby girl to pop out kids in her early 30s.

Been reading and following Redpill blogs for years and decided to start my own to chronicle my day game journey that started it yesterday.

I am 6′ 175 lbs, fairly good looking lean guy who has had a modicum of success compared to most guys. I hope to change what seemingly random success I have had so far into something more consistent.

I have many of the same problems a lot of guys my age do, no role models, talented without direction, frustrated with the life I have been pushed towards.

If you gain anything from my insight and writing, great. If not? That’s cool too. I started this for me and for anyone else who can relate.



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