Perfect is boring

I sit here seething with frustration at myself and my lack of action. I am an intermediate to Game and the Red Pill but I still have not killed the hesitation and doubt within myself when it comes to Daygame. After walking downtown for 2 hours on no sleep (bad idea) Sunday, I found myself with two beautiful opportunities offered to me today by the universe and I squandered them both.

Maybe the break up with my favorite girl did a number on me, as I have gone from having 4 girls a month ago to having 0 now. My ego is bruised and this may be impacting my self esteem and self worth. I won’t have a new girl soon if I allow opportunities like this to pass by.

It’s comical. Girls that I am not invested in or interested in, I do not bother to approach ‘for the sake of practice’. Then on the rare occasion I get a girl (or two!) that is really my type during the day, my approach anxiety and hesitation kicks in.

Reading and studying will do you no good without action. Ego is one hell of a drug.

As the Great Pook said ‘Perfect is boring. To be human is beautiful’.

I promise you all and myself I will capitalize on the next one.


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