The Major Leagues

“You’re just meeting the wrong kind of girl”

“You don’t want a girl like that”

“You shouldn’t have to change for anyone”

We have all been fed these kinds of lines before, from our mothers and well meaning friends. The underlying message is you don’t have to change to be happy. You can rationalize why you aren’t getting what you want in life, to make yourself feel better. You should stay exactly the same, with your same group of friends, dating the same mediocre girls, in your easy but not stressful job. Why adapt and improve yourself when you can jerk off and fall asleep wondering why you aren’t attracting the girls you want?

If a baseball player was batting 0 after 20 years at bat, do you think the coach is going to tell him “Just wait for the right pitch to come?” If he stepped up to the plate for 20 years with the exact same swing, he would be ridiculed for not adapting.

He could swing at more pitches (approaching), he could change his mindset (inner confidence) or even change the fundamental way he swings at the ball (how you attract people). If he was batting 0 after years of playing, it’s obvious to everyone he needs to change something.

Why don’t people have the same attitude about dating? If you are doing the same thing year after year, how can you expect different results? It’s insanity.

Change yourself to meet your goals, whether they be personal, professional, or relationship.

You wouldn’t expect a baseball player to bat 0 in the majors and complain about the pitching.

So what gives you the right?


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